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Whichever way you slice it, we skiers are a special breed – and we deserve a very special drink.

Whiskey’s at home in the library, gin’s a fine jigger on the links. But for a healthy splash of hedonism, nothing makes more magic than a fine, smooth tequila – be it in a Margarita, a Mule, or straight up and straight down swift as a racer on freshly waxed boards.

Originating in the verdant hills of the Free and Sovereign State of Jalisco, Mexico (the authentic home of tequila), Te-ski-la embodies a spirit beloved by aristos at altitude, ladies who lunch slopeside, cliff-jumping pros and sprightly tycoons alike. Whether you’re dressed in fur – or laying on one – nothing says après like Te-Ski-La.

Make tracks, make laughs, make it Te-ski-la. / Ski smooth. Drink smoother.

To the generations of skiers unfazed by steep lines or strong drink, we salute you, one and all. Hand-crafted for drinkers both fussy and fun-loving, it’s the perfect complement to a roaring fire, a big storm, and stuff we can’t write about here*. Suffice to say, these naughty notes of golden honey and earthy spice will produce a tickle your tummy that’s tough to beat. 

So when that long, handsome bottle of Te-ski-la lands on your mountainside lunch table, give it that extra swirl of affection it deserves. Because it’s après, and it’s time to do what skiers do best. 

“The preferred beverage of the Mexican Ski Team, studies demonstrate that Te-ski-la delivers the ultimate sip for the soul and libation for the libido. For anyone who’s on the Mexican Ski Team, dreamed about being on the Mexican Ski Team, or slept with a member of the Mexican Ski Team, open wide!”


Te-ski-la, noun.

The pinnacle; apex; the finest possible manifestation of 100 percent agave, known to man or beast.

Te-ski-la’d, verb.

The pinnacle; apex; the finest possible manifestation of 100 percent agave, known to man or beast.

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