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Snow Tequila

Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado 100% Agave 750ml

Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado 100% Agave 750ml

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Snow Tequila Cristalino Reposado 

Maestra Tequilera Rosita Correa has created Snow Tequila's Cristalino Reposado to bring out the perfect combination of the flavor of our agaves. There are citrus and almond notes that add body, aroma, smoothness, and an incomparable flavor. It is a smooth delight to the palate. 

Snow Tequila is additive free. We age our Tequila for 6 months in white oak barrels previously used for bourbon, red and white wines. The aging process adds flavors in a natural way.

Our agave plants are grown at the foot of Volcán de Tequila. Due to this special location our fields cluster like snow and our agave plants are mineral rich and aged for 6 years

Nothing makes more magic than a fine, smooth tequila – be it in a Margarita, a Mule, or straight up and straight down swift as a racer on freshly waxed boards.

750 ALC / VOL 

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